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Are You Man Enough?

Content for 590AM will be interesting, humorous & intriguing radio. Sports will still be a topic, however, not throughout the entire day. The launch of 590 The Man will include content that will deliver a great return for our advertising partners.

Show Schedule:

  • Morning Mayhem with Alpha Males  - M-F 6am-10am
  • Sports Show - M-F 10am-12pm
  • The Midday Show with Joe and Jay - M-F 12pm-3pm
  • King's Court - M-F 3pm-6pm
  • Nick's Nuts M-F 6pm-9pm
  • The Charlie Tuna Show M-F 9pm-11pm

Community Service:

We strongly believe in giving back. The station values its community and is committed to donating a portion of air time on Sunday mornings to the local community. 

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1300 Hampton Ave Ste. 100
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