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Morning Mayhem with The Alpha Males

Weekdays 6AM-10AM

Morning Mayhem with The Alpha Males is a show with just two dudes sitting on bar stools drinking a cold beer talking about sports, chicks, cars, music, politics, TV and entertainment just to name a few. Brian McKenna & Jeff Burton will bring their swashbuckling attitudes and disturbing minds to 590 The Man weekdays 6a-10a on 590 The Man. Its organized chaos and nothing but the NAKED TRUTH!!


Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna has been bringing his humorous, swashbuckling style of broadcasting to the St. Louis airwaves since 1994. He began his radio career as an intern at KASP, St. Louis’ first all-sports station. In 1995, he co-hosted The Casino Queen Sports Grill weekday afternoons with KPLR Sports Director Rich Gould on 590 The Fan KFNS. Brian also worked as a reporter for Fox Sports News covering the Cardinals and the Blues. In 2000, McKenna became the newest member of The Breakfast Club with JC Corcoran on KLOU 103.3 FM. While at KLOU, he was as an analyst for the St. Louis Rams Radio Network pre/post game shows. Always the innovator, never the duplicator, he and Joe DeNiro introduced “Guy Talk” radio to the St. Louis market in the fall of 2003 with Midday Mayhem on 1380 The Team. Brian was also the host and producer of the “Rams Pregame Report” on KDNL ABC30 from 2001-2004. Brian recently hosted “Mayhem in the AM” at 590 The Fan KFNS and “Afternoon Mayhem” on 1380 The Fan2. He has written comedy for Joe Buck, been a guest on Oprah and appeared in an NBC mini-series. He received a Marketing Degree from Southeast Missouri State University. 

Brian is a former Personal Trainer and a fitness freak.  His passions are working out and surfing. Brian has been involved with many local charities and organizations including: Nurses for Newborns, American Cancer Society, National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters to name a few. McKenna is one of 10 children and has 72 nieces and nephews. Brian resides in St. Louis Hills.

Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton was born and raised in Fenton, MO and attended Vianney, Eureka and Lindbergh High Schools.  He got a start in radio in Springfield, MO in 1986 and then came to St. Louis three months after 105.7 The Point came on the air where he hosted the Jeff, Trish and Thom Show until The Point was sold to Emmis. After 11 months on Red@ 104.9 Burton was reunited with Thom West for the afternoons on The Point where they remained as the No. 1 noon show in St. Louis for nearly seven straight years. Jeff had several broadcast opportunities outside the country that include Sydney for the 2000 Olympics and Dublin, Ireland over St. Patrick’s Day.  Later in 2011, Thom and Jeff started doing podcasts at thethomandjeffshow.com and on iTunes. Jeff helped launch internet radio in St. Louis via talkstl.com. In Jeff’s free time, he enjoys letting the wind hit his face riding a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard. Jeff resides in Eureka with Juli and their two daughters, Abby and Casey.


Morning Mayhem Blog


This is GREAT!

posted on

By Brian McKenna

I think Jim Edmonds is the greatest Cardinals centerfield of all-time. I also think he has a bright future as a TV analyst because he has a brilliant baseball mind. BUT, MY GOD, WOULD ONE OF HIS BOSSES AT FSM PLEASE TELL HIM TO QUIT SAYING THE WORD "GREAT" FOR EVERY FREAKIN' HIGHLIGHT ON THE FOX SPORTS MIDWEST POSTGAME SHOW? He used it so many times that I actually went back and counted. HE USED IT 23 TIMES IN A 30-MINUTE SHOW. A lil' tip for FSM: If you want him to grow as a broadcaster, DO THE FOLOWING: look up the definition of the word, make him memorize it, show him video of some of his "great" catches and then explain to him that the dictionary is full of other adjectives . 
Here is a "great" breakdown of last night's postgame show:
1st segment- 15 times
2nd segment- 5 times
3rd (short segment)- 3 times
23 times he used the word "great" when it was MAYBE appropriate twice:  Jon Jay's catch and Kershaw robbing Allen Craig.

This just tells me that one of three things is going on:
A. They don't have anybody at FSM  going over the show with him or working with the talent. 
B. Edmonds isn't going over his own video like he would his at-bats when he was playing.
C. He's not listening to his bosses. Kind of like Albert Pujols ignoring Jose Oquendo and running through the stop sign at third base.

I doubt it's the latter because I think Edmonds is a competitor who wants to get better. Maybe he doesn't have a "no" guy. A "No Guy" is a friend who isn't afraid to step in and tell you "No." 

This guy is good looking, speaks well and knows the game of baseball. He has national talent written all over him. But if he doesn't get some coaching, he will never be a "great" broadcaster.

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