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Top five worst spots fans

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By: Brendan Wiese

Earlier today on the Sports Show, Chris Gardner and I discussed some of the worst qualities in sports fans. I'm sure you have seen these types of sports fans, in bars, at the game, at church. Ok, maybe not at church. But these people are out there, and they're REALLY trying my patience. 

Let us glaze over the list shall we? My top five worst spots fans, as heard on the Sports Show.

5) The Smart Ass- You know this guy, He's the guy eavesdropping on your conversation at the bar, or loud, obnoxious guy sitting two rows up from you at the game. He wants you, and everyone within the sound of his voice to know that he is THE sports expert. Are you discussing who the Cardinals should start in game one in NLCS? Well this loud mouth will let you know why you're wrong, and why  the new Cardinals "Ace" Joe Kelly should be pitching in Games 1, 4, and 7. This is the type of guy who believes the louder he is, the more right he is. 

4) The Wave Guy/Gal-This appears to be almost exclusively a St. Louis phenomenon. Where else in the country do you see the wave...every, SINGLE, game? It never fails. The Cardinals may have a late inning rally going? Let's start the wave! Michael Wacha could be throwing a no-hitter. What better time is there to start the wave? And in reality it's a only a few bad apples. That drunk dude or gal that need to be the center of attention in section 341. The one who harasses the folks to help him/her start the wave. This is truly a black eye on the "Best Fans in Baseball." If you're trying to start the wave, you must be bored. If you're bored at a ballgame, than you're not the #BFIB.

3) Twits- If Twitter were to ever shutdown forever, I think we can lay blame on doorstep of one, singular group. The infamous message board posters that have terrorized college athletic programs for years, have been able to shift into the modern era of social media. These people pin all their hopes on the shoulders of 17 and 18-year old kids, that are about to declare their collegiate intentions. Maybe it's a Lebron James clone that has his sights set on Lawrence, Ks, or a 6-5 330 pound tackle that can run a 4.8 40-yard dash that is Bama bound. But if that blue chip prospect spurns your school, watch the Twitter rage pour out of the keyboards. All the spewed hate could fill up every college stadium in the country. And for what? Over a kid who still lives with his parents and can't legally drive, and maybe can't legally vote. Makes all the sense in the world, doesn't it?

2) The Autograph Seekers-I see these guys, and they are always dudes, waiting outside the ballpark a full hour or more after the Cardinals game is over. OR they're the same guy that will trounce over a kid to get a seat right behind the dugout when the gates open up. All to get an autograph. My deal is simple: If you're over the age of 18 and you are waiting out a big league ballplayer for an autograph, you have no job, have no prospects, and probably don't have a clue. 

1) The Violent/Confrontational Sports Fan- We just got an up close look at this within the last 24-hours, after reports surfaced in Houston that a man drove to the home of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub to harass him over his recent poor play. This is what our society has come to? How pathetic is this? Your life is so horrible that you need to take it upon yourself to take it to the home of your "favorite" athlete? Your ticket entitles you to boo, hiss, whatever when you're at a stadium, but the line is drawn there. People that resort to violence in the spirit of "their" team is beyond asinine. We aren't that far removed from another DEATH in the "rivalry" between the Dodgers and Giants. Death? Over a game? In the United States? This isn't International soccer, folks. The fact that wearing an opposing teams' colors can ruffle the feathers of another fan just floors me. On a great day in St. Louis where game 5 of the NLDS and Blues/Blackhawks take center stage, all I can ask is that we all just enjoy the games, revel in your teams' success, and DON'T DO THE WAVE!!!
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