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Kegglers Corner

Kegglers Corner is the longest running specialty show in St Louis. We have been on the air for 22 years. It started at KASP in 1992 with Iggy Strode & Jay Randolph Jr. Iggy's co-hosts over the years have included Gary Voss, Bo Burton, Dick Weber, Barb Thorberg, and Iggy's current co-host Alena Matthews. Every Saturday at 11am, Iggy and Alena cover the PBA, the local scene, up and coming junior and collegiate bowlers, and interview the biggest names in the sport of bowling. Bowlers from all over the country tune in every Saturday. Even the PBA listens on a weekly basis. Kegglers Corner is entertaining, informative, and even a bit boisterous at times, as Iggy will always speak his mind.